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The best time of year to have a full valet, winter time? or summer time?

You can have a full mobile car valet any time of the year, but their are a few things to consider before you decide to have a full valet.

Firstly, is the car used regularly? If it is used regularly, then that's good as there is plenty of air circulating, and that helps with the drying. especially if it is winter time, if it is left all shut up, it will end up full of condensation, which can then develop into mold.

After a full car valet, especially in the wintertime, it is best to leave some windows open about an inch, to help air it out and stop any condensation or developing any mold.

A full valet in the winter will obviously take longer to dry out, however, the more the car is used, the better or quicker it will dry.

As regard's a full valet in the summertime or warmer months, the interior will dry a lot quicker, however, I still tend to leave the windows open a bit, just to help air circulate and keep it fresh.


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