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Car interior window cleaning

Their are lots of differant ways to clean car interior windoes, this is a method that I find most effective, especially with very dirty interior glass, for example, childrens sticky hand and finger marks, dog slobber marks, especially on back windows, nicotine and so on, this is just a tip that works for me, I am not telling anyone how they should clean the interior windows of their car, but you can give it a go if you struggle with interior glass. I will put a bit of washing up liquid in a spray bottle, and now you can get antibacterial washing up liquid, so it cleans and sanitizes at the same time, fill the bottle with water and give it a shake, now I wet a clean microfiber cloth and wring it out tight, then I will fold the cloth in half, then fold it in half again, so now I have eight clean sides of the cloth to use, most cars have six seperate windows, front window screen, two side windows in the front, tow side windows in the back, and the back window, I will use a differant side of the cloth for each window, then I am not transfering any dirt or residue from one window to another, I also have tow other dry cloths, a glass cloth to first dry the window then another one just to buff the glass after I have sprayed the window with my soulution and cleaned it with the already wet microfibre cloth, after I have done this I usually wet another microfibre cloth and wring it out as tight as I can then just quickly go over the glass once more and then buff them, In the summer when its quite warm the glass can tend to dry quite quickly so I do have to work this method a bit quicker and tend to have the wet cloth a lot wetter.


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