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Mobile car valeting tips

Removing bugs from the front of the car, and the windows without any chemicals,

I do use chemicals in my mobile car valeting for the removal of bugs off the front of the cars,

however, I do sometimes run out of some of my products, if so then all I do is make sure I keep the front of the car wet with a soapy solution, more so if it is a hot day. I will wash the rest of the car and leave the front of the car until last, you will have to keep making sure that the front of the car is kept wet, then when you have washed the rest of the car you can wash the front of the car, the bugs should come off a lot easier, I do it this way because if you try to wash the bugs of straight away, they can mark the top coat, a bit like trying to scrub bird droppings of the car when they have dried, they will scratch the top coat, I see it all the time, you need to soften them before removal, protect your paintwork.


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