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Mini Valet

why Mini Car Valets are only for weekly or fortnightly jobs.

The mini valet is only for cars valeted on a weekly or fortnightly basis, because it is as it says, A mini valet,

The mini valet is only meant to take around 45 minutes, if I come out to valet a car that has not been cleaned for months then it is going to take a lot longer, I am writing this as I do get occasional clients that say to me that their car has not long ago been cleaned, so it only needs a mini valet, and when I get to the job it clearly, To Me, has not been cleaned for quite a while, and so it would need either a standard valet or a full valet, now that it has had the full valet or the standard valet if it is cleaned within the next couple of weeks then it would qualify for the mini valet.


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