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How and why are interiors disinfected?

First off why? well first its not because of covid, I have always used a disenfectent as I wipe down car interiors, It benefits me as well as the clients car, and Its also nothing to do with the client, more to do with what we all touch through out the daytime, I do confess to having a bit of o,c,d whitch is not a bad thing nowadays, anyway we all touch things troughout the day that are unfortanetly contaminated, thing in shops that other people have touched, doors, shoping baskets, trollies, money, touch screens which are becoming more and more prominant nowadays, I have yet to see some of these touchscreens that are in shops and other places being cleaned as well as shop doors and their handles, then we get in our cars and touch everything inside unwhitingly spreading germs, so just to try to minimise any spreading of germs I sanitise as I go along, wiping down car interiors, so everything that is touched with hands inside the car I sanitise, stering wheel, gear sticks, all knobs and switches, door handles, seat belts and so on. What do I use? Well I have a diluted effective ratio of either detol lavender scented or zaflora, using a clean microfiber cloth on every car, I spray the cloth with the solution and wipe everything as I go, then with another clean microfiber cloth buff everything so as not to leave any residue or marks. I also sanitize the car keys before I give them back to the client. clean sanitized car, clean sanitized me.


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