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Mobile car valeting in Liverpool, window cleaning tips that work for me,

If the valet is a weekly or fortnightly car valet, then I find that just a damp microfibre cloth works fine on the glass, with a clean dry microfibre cloth to dry the glass, If the car valet is a new job or a valet you have not done before then I will have a bucket of water with washing up liquid in it, washing up liquid is great as it is a degreaser, so for all those sticky finger marks or even smokers windows, the solution on a microfibre cloth works well on the glass, then I will buff it of with another dry microfibre cloth, and use a separate clean dry microfibre cloth on the glass, just to make sure no corners are missed out, then I use another clean dry microfibre cloth and spray some Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9%, and just wipe over the glass for the perfect finish.


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