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Car valeting during the wintertime

Car valeting can be challenging, especially during the winter season. However, it can also be challenging during the summertime, but we can discuss that another time. In winter, there are several things to contend with while valeting a car, such as snow, ice, wind, rain, and very low temperatures. Similarly, summertime valeting has its own set of challenges, which we can elaborate on another time. firstly snow, we are not as affected by snow much in this part of the country, however, I have worked in the snow before today, it wasn't too bad as it was melting as it hit the ground, so it was workable, also there have been times I have to awaken to quite thick snow on the ground so I have passed on those days, for me it is not workable with a few inches of snow on the ground and top of any vehicles, it is a messy job, also as soon as the car moves it just gets dirty again with all the sludge on the ground. What about ice, well ice and low temperatures, are not workable for me anyway, unless you know the temperature is going to change within an hour or so then I would sometimes turn the engine on and start valeting the inside of the car and hopefully by the time the inside is finished the temperature has gone up enough to do the outside of the car, I do try to work during ice and low temperatures but it's not easy, as you wash the car it does not at first seem too bad, but as you start to dry the car it freezes instantly, that's because the less water on the car, the easier it is to freeze, also as soon as the water you are taking off the car hits the ground it freezes, then you are working on an ice ring around the car, you also have to be mindful of the client whose car you are valeting, you could be creating a dangerous ice path for them as they approach their car, so yes their is a fair bit to consider when valeting cars during icey conditions and low temperatures. What about the wind? now the wind has got to be the worst out of all weather conditions, while I do try to work during most of these weather conditions for me the wind is the hardest and I find it the most dangerous, again I do try to work in the wind but it's the one weather condition I will give up on if it increases too much, I have done some damage to my own vehicle during windy conditions as well as chasing buckets and barrels down the road, doors flying out your hands as you open them, chemicals going everywhere as you spray them, all over you, and parts of the car you do not want them to go, barrels and buckets being blown into busy roads, doors slamming shut on your legs as you try to do the inside of the cars, as well as it messing my hair up, yes wind is a nightmare for me anyway. What about the rain? rain is workable as long as it does not get too heavy, you have to think about the electricity you are using to power your hoover and pressure washer as well as the inside of the client's car. If I am valeting a car and it starts to rain I will try to finish the job, if it gets too heavy, I will just sit in the van and hope it passes over, then get out and finish it, if it stays heavy and there is no sign of it stopping then I will not start another valet and go home. These are just a few ways I try to deal with the weather during wintertime.


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