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mobile car valeting Liverpool. New Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating

Ok so ceramic coatings for the exterior of your car, are they any good? are they worth the price? are they easy to apply yourself?

Are they any good? well, I have had customers who have bought new cars and told me they paid extra for a coating, and sometimes it has been a few hundred pounds, but when I have come to valet the car, I have not really noticed much difference, however when it has been quite an expensive car, am talking £100.000 plus I have sometimes noticed there is some kind of coating on the car, but then for that price, you would expect it.

Now there are ceramic coatings that you can have applied to your car after you have bought it, by car valeters like myself, the solutions can cost £60 plus, then you have labour costs to apply it to the car, as it can take a whole day, so you're talking around £200 or so.

I personally don't do these coatings as I don't have the time, but I do have good friends who are mobile car valeters in Liverpool, who do apply these coatings to cars, and I do know that when they do these coatings to cars themselves they do work, and you can tell the difference to the finish on the car's exterior. It is still quite expensive, but I must say, it is worth the cost, as I know how much work and effort they put into applying it to the cars they work on, so if it takes that much effort for them to apply it, then it might be worth having them do it rather than do it your self, that's not to say you can't do it your self though.

Now there are always new products coming out and am always keen to try them, like the one in the title of this review. Turtle wax hybrid solutions ceramic spray coating. so I read a lot of the reviews on the product, and there were a lot of positive ones, a lot of people saying how easy it was to apply, and what a good finish it left, however, I did read of a few people who said it was not that easy to use and that it left streaks that were hard to remove.

so I bought it to try, the first couple of cars I used it on were first clay bared then polished first, then I applied the ceramic spray coating, and yes I even I found that it did streak, and it was hard to remove them, but being a long term mobile car valeter, I thought to shake the bottle and apply it, I don't need to read the instructions am a professional, wrong, yes even us long term car valeters can get it wrong sometimes, so I read the instructions and done it properly.

The first couple of cars I used it on did leave a good finish, however, I was unable to review the results after as the jobs were one-off jobs, so I applied it to some of my regular client's cars, that way I could review the product on return to the next valet, the next time I washed the cars that had the coating applied, I could not really notice much difference, so I applied it again to the same cars, and on return to them I did notice a difference to the finish.

So you would need to apply at least a couple of coatings, and if you do it as it says in the instructions, it is not hard to use, just don't use too much, that's where I went wrong, well then the finish is very good.

It says that it lasts up to 12 months, well am not too sure about that, I can't see it lasting as long as the £200 coatings, but I will give a review on it in about 6 months time but for £20 a bottle it's worth every Penney, I have done about 8 applications with one bottle up to now, and still have some left, so if you don't have £200 to spend give it a go.


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