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car valet Liverpool. The difference between polish and wax

I know a lot of people out their that do know the difference between polish and wax

so this is not for you, sorry.

However I do still have clients asking me to wax their car when it`s a polish that they want, or asking for a polish when it`s a wax they want, so what`s the difference?

After some time on the road your car can pick up all kinds of contamination and a wash on its own will not remove them because they stick to the top coat, that`s the gloss finish on top of the paint.

This is where we would use a polish to remove the contamination and in some cases even a clay bar.

A polish is usually a thick creamy substance, and there are so many out there on the market, to use the polish you would make sure that the car is free from all loose dirt by giving it a good wash first then drying it, then using a clean cloth apply the wax to the car panel at a time, let it dry to a haze then buff of with another clean cloth, apply this to the car avoiding any rubber or plastics.

Now this is where the wax comes in, the wax is more of a watery substance or in some cases a paste, this is used the same way as the polish but is used after a polish, the wax does not remove contaminates, it puts a protective gloss layer on top of the polish, this highlights the shine and should make the polish last longer if applied regularly.

So always polish first then wax, once your car`s polished it should last a few months, so each time you wash your car you can just apply wax, then every few months apply your polish.

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