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car valet in Liverpool. CLEANING GLASS

The exterior glass is obviously cleaned while the cars been washed, then rinsed with plenty of clean water and then buffed with a clean dry cloth you should not have a problem.

The interior glass, however, is different, where the exterior glass is done with soap and then rinsed with plenty of water, you can`t exactly do the same to the interior glass, as you can imagine the mess it would make, so how do we do it, or rather how do I do it.

Well first of all each car I do has to have a fresh clean microfiber cloth, then I take a look around the car to see which interior window is the dirtiest as I always leave that one last to clean, using a mixture of about 50/50 of isopropanol and distilled water in a spray bottle I apply to the window or cloth, In the summer I use a lot more to keep the glass really wet, as they tend to dry quicker, using a good bit of pressure give the glass a good scrub then dry with another clean dry microfiber cloth.

This mixture is especially good in the winter as it helps to dry the glass quicker.

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