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car valet Liverpool. How long will it take for my seats to dry after shampooing

Drying car seats after they have been shampooed can sometimes depend on the time of year, for instance they would obviously dry a lot quicker in the summer time than the winter time.

most of the time when i do a full valet in the summer the seats and carpets are usually dry by the time I finish the valet,

In the winter it can take a bit longer for them to dry, but there a few ways to speed up the drying, one thing Always tend to do is clean the driver's seat first as its used more often, then i make my way around the other seats, If the interiors cleaned first in the winter then you can put the engine on with the heaters on full whilst the exterior of the cars cleaned, this will help with the drying of the seats.

If the cars used on the same day I have cleaned the seats then this will also speed up the drying, so it is best to use the car and not just leave it siting their, but do put a dry towel on the seat as it will help keep you dry.

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