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mobile car valet. how I prepare a car for a wash

First of all i use two separate buckets, i use a orange bucket to prepare the car and a black bucket to wash the car.

First i will spray some all purpose cleaner on the wing mirrors window screen and front end of the car to remove all bugs as it is these areas that collect bugs, then using the orange bucket with a microfiber clothe remove all bugs.

Then i will spray bottom half of the car arches with the all purpose cleaner and remove the heaviest dirt as it is always the bottom half of the car that accumulates the most dirt, then i will open all doors and boot

and clean door edges and cills, including boot edges.

Then i will spray the wheels with a cleaner and hand wash them.

Now i will pressure wash the whole car from top to bottom to make sure all lose dirt is removed and any all purpose cleaner that left behind.

Now i know their is nothing left on the car to damage the paint work or rather the top coat, and my car is now ready for a full exterior wash with a separate bucket, the black one with clean fresh water and my wash wax solution.

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