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clay bar, what is it? and what does it do?

Clay Bar is an compound a bit like putty used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car,

It can be used on all areas of your car including glass.

The contaminants range from industrial fallout, brake dust, tar, bugs anything that protrudes from the surface of your car and will not come of with washing or polishing. if you wash your car and then rinse it, just glide your hand across the body and you will feel them like little spots sticking out, if so it needs clay baring.


First after jet washing your car and then washing it, leave it wet and using either a lubricant or another bucket of wash wax solution, mold the putty into your hand and then go back and forth side by side in about 12 inch by 12 inch square areas at a time, then glide your hand over treated area, if it feels a smooth as glass its done, if not repeat.

Once you have covered the whole car then wash it again, dry, polish then wax, then your car should look and feel like new.

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