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what does a full valet entail

What does a full valet entail ? well it means cleaning everything that needs cleaning. For example your exterior of the car is dirty, the interior console, dash, and vents are dirty, your seats are dirty, your carpets are dirty and your door trim is dirty, so you need a full valet.

A full valet means not just vacuuming all the interior but also shampooing it all, now there are times when I turn up to do a full valet and there is a back seat that has never been sat on, if that is the case then I will not shampoo it, why? well if it has not been sat on then it's not dirty, also you have to remember that shampooing anything means it takes time to dry, so why shampoo it, it is unnecessary.

Sometimes you can just apply an upholstery cleaner and dry wipe it, if the area is not to bad, other times they need a deep clean using hot water and a upholstery cleaner, in both instances it is still a full valet.

A full valet does not include an exterior polish, why? well when I started car valeting I use to charge £45, that was 20 years ago and then it did include an exterior polish, however I found most of the time when someone wanted a full valet it was because the interior was really dirty and they just wanted the outside washing, they were not that concerned about a polish, so I decided to sell the polish separate which I find works better as it gives the client the option.

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