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A quick wash wax review

I brought a new wash wax a few weeks ago to compare it to what it said on the label, it was a turtle wax product called STREAK FREE WASH & WAX, it also said on the label that it had quick drying properties to help with the drying time.

The first few washes did not impress me, so i thought maybe i need to use moor of it in the bucket, so i did and it still did not impress me, maybe i should give it some more time, so i did, it has been about 4 weeks now and my verdict is am still not impressed, why? well first the name on the front of it says quite clearly STREAK FREE WASH & WAX, i have used a lot of wash wax products over the years and many will streak if just left after rinsing but i have also used many that do not streak after rinsing, this did leave streaks and quite visible as well.

Also the drying agents in the product were no were to be seen, i use auto smart rinse aid after i wash my cars and it takes practical all the water off the car, that`s why i thought i would try this product so it would save me using two products, but it did nothing at all to take the water off the car.

When you see a new product on a shelf all on it`s own been promoted you automatically think it must be good but it was not, i paid £7.95 for a 500 ml bottle, so no i am not impressed, i will be going back to my original product and my auto smart rinse aid. i will keep you up to date with some of the products that i use, hopefully it may help someone.

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