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car cleaning in direct sun light

Cleaning your car in direct sunlight or on a hot day is something we get advised not to do by companies who make some of the car cleaning products that we use like, wash wax, polish, or window cleaner and the likes, It`s not because it can`t be done, it`s because if you do it wrong it can get very messy, I would also say wait until it`s a bit cooler, or do it on a cloudy day, as it will be easier, but sometimes you can`t wait, maybe you have to go somewhere important, or you have to take someone somewhere, or you might be trying to sell your car and you have a buyer coming to have a look at your car, or in my case it`s my job, I can`t not work 4 or 5 months of the year just because it`s summer. So what`s the best way to clean your car in the summer, well again I can tell you how I valet cars in the summer, it`s still not easy, but a couple of tips can help. now you wan`t to clean your car so you get the Hoover out, go to the car, open the door, and it feels like someone has just put a blow torch to your face, well lets just leave the inside for now, lets concentrate on washing the outside of the car first. I always use less wash wax in the sun as it can streak but before I wash the car I always like to prepare it first by getting rid of all the bugs off the windows the wing mirrors and the front of the car, then I will wash all the way around the bottom of the car and then the wheels, rinsing as I go along, now the car is ready for a wash so with a different bucket and fresh clean water and just a bit of soap, I will wash the roof of the car and go around and do the windows at the same time, then rinse the roof and windows and dry them, next on the shady side of the car, the doors, back wing, front wing and half the bonnet, rinse of then do the same on the sunny side of the car and rinse of then dry the sunny side first then the shady side, now as you are drying the doors open each one a jar as you do them, and do that to them all, also open the boot if you have one, now it will still be warm in the car so don`t do the inside yet, as all the doors are open clean the windows, I usually wipe the doors panels down first, because it is hot keep your window cloth wet and have a dry one, clean the window with the wet one then straight away buff it with the dry one, depending on how dirty the window is you might have to do it again, do all 4 door windows first, then the boot window, now as you get inside to do the front window screen the car should have cooled down quite a bit, so do the front inside window, it will be a lot easier now to clean the inside of the car as you have had all the doors open for about ten minuets, this way works best for me, now how about polishing the car, well if you can`t put it of till another time, just wet your polish cloth then ring it out, then start with the boot as it is the smallest part to polish, and I usually do about a square foot or just over at a time, put polish on then buff of straight away, don`t leave large sections of the car with polish on as it becomes harder to remove the longer it is in the sun light, if you repeat it in this manner it is a lot more manageable, it might take a bit longer but it is easeir , I hope these little tips are of some help, they work for me. Karl

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