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natural deodorising tip for cars

This is a tip that I received from a radio presenter about ten years ago, I was at a company valeting cars one day when this guy came up to me asking about my car valeting services and the prices, so I discussed them with him, then we got onto the subject of chemicals and the different kind of products that I use, which then led to him telling me about this natural deodorising tip for smelly cars, he said that he receives most of these tips from people who call into his show, this tip was just fresh green grass, he said you just cut some grass and leave it inside your car, sounds great I will give it ago I said, anything that can make a smelly car smell better is worth a try, especially when its a car with spilt milk or vomit or even smelly dogs, and so I tried it and I still do although these jobs don`t come up that often, but it does help, all I do is when a client calls, if they specifically say they have spilt some milk, shall we say, first I ask them to try to remove as much of it as possible, the heavy of it shall we say, then I ask them if they have access to some grass, if they do I ask them to cut some and place some in the car were the affected area is, then I book the job in for the next day or so depending when I can do it, then when I turn up to do the job I just hoover the grass all up, it usually just turns to straw the longer it is left, then I clean the area with shampoo and bio frisk, then spray some more bio frisk on the affected area and just leave it damp, the bio frisk has to stay damp for the enzymes to work on the bacteria. Every one loves the smell of fresh cut grass, it just smells so natural, before I leave the job I just ask the client to keep replacing the fresh cut grass in the car until they are happy that the smell has completely gone, now you do not have to wait until you spill some milk in the car or one of the children are sick, you can use it to just freshen your car up, just place some in your car in the evening and remove it the next day, it can be removed in seconds with a hoover, their is only one thing I would be careful with and that is cream coloured or light coloured carpets, just lay a bit of paper down first with the grass on top, or you could cut an old pare of stockings fill one of the feet and tie it in a not and put it under the seat, give it a go you have got nothing to lose its free and its everywhere, regards Karl.

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