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How to clean car seats and carpets

I am always getting asked, what is the best way to clean car seats and carpets, well is their a so called best way to clean car seats and carpets, I am quite sure that if their was a best way that I would know about it after 18 years of cleaning cars, so I will tell you how I do them, but I cannot say that it is the best way because not all car valeters clean them the same way, and they will all say that they feel their way is the best way, so I will tell you the best way that works for me personally. First I hoover all the bits of the drivers seat then the drivers side carpets, then I spray the drivers seat and carpets with a upholstery cleaner and let them soak it in as I hoover the passenger side seat and carpets, then I spray them with upholstery cleaner, then I hoover the back seats and carpets and spray them up as well, now after doing all that I go back to the drivers seat, using a bucket of hot water with a bit more upholstery cleaner added and a cloth I scrub the seat as best as possible then using my wet and dry vacuum I take as much of the solution out of the seat as I can, as I repeat each seat I put fresh hot water in the bucket, so you do not need to put much in the bucket, about two or three inches for each seat, now you can have a separate bucket and do the same to the drivers carpet if you want but I tend do do all the seats first then go back to the drivers side and repeat the process to the carpets, I do it this way as when I have done all the seats I can empty the same bucket and do the same to the carpets, it saves carrying two buckets around the car as well as the shampoo vacuum, I always do the drivers side seat first just in case they are going to use the car after I have cleaned it, as it is the first to be cleaned it will be the firs to dry, If it is in the winter time they will take longer to dry so I will put the engine on with the heaters on full as I am cleaning them, If it is the summer they will usually be dry by the end of the day, but what ever time of year It is I always leave the windows open about an inch or two just to stop any condensation building up on the windows or even mold anywhere. What kind of upholstery cleaner do I use? well to this day I still try different kinds, I have never really found one that is pure magic, what I have learnt is that the harder you scrub the better the job. Why do I use a bucket of hot water and not the pump with the trigger that is built into the wet and dry vacuum, first I find that it goes everywhere and makes a mess, then the trigger always gets in the way in some areas, so I find just using the suction on the vacuum with a separate bucket of hot water works best for me, what kind of vacuum do I use? I use a George numatic wet and dry, I have used these machines for years and I find them great, I hope this information helps. regards karl

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