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Bird droppings on your car?

Bird droppings on your car? I learned my lesson the hard way as regards bird droppings. About 18 years ago when I first started car valeting, I was cleaning a stretch limo, and on the bonnet, there was bird poo, it did not come off as I was washing it with the sponge, so I tried a bit harder and harder, back and forward, side to side, rub rub rub I did, eventual after some real hard scrubbing it had gone, yes i thought, so I washed the bonnet again, rinsed it, then dried it, then I started screaming silently in my head as it looked like someone had been playing noughts and crosses on the bonnetI but then got angry because they lost, it was a mess. I spent about twenty minutes on it with some g3 and polish, Ibonnet got most of the scratches out, but if you looked real close you could still see some, of which the owner never noticed to my relief, now I must say this is the first time I scratched a car up until about 3 years ago when I scratched an x5, but I had recently learned how to fix scratches properly so I removed them the proper way, more about that another time. anyway about the mess i made on the limo, the moral of this true story is, when it comes to bird droppings on your car, be careful how you wash them off, as it does and will scratch, if not done properly, first thing is you have to act quickly, and what i mean by that is, if you notice bird droppings on your car don`t think, o i will clean it off tomorrow sometime, you need to clean it off straight away, as it will distort the top coat on top of the paint, and don`t do it the way I did it, just get a soaking wet soapy clothe and lay it on top of the bird droppings, don`t use a sponge as it will just sit on top of the droppings like a plank of wood on a rock, a cloth will hug around the droppings, leave it their for about twenty minuets, then lift it off, do not drag it off, then rinse it off, if it all comes off great but if it does not all come off repeat the process again, do not be tempted to try and wash the last little bit off, no matter how little it may be, it will still scratch, at has to all rinse off, now i know some of you will be saying, well i know that, or that is just common sense, well if you know how to do it that is great, shire it with people you know, i wish i had known it when i scratched that limo. This is for people who don`t know, as I still have clients asking me, what is the best way to remove bird poo without scratching my car? also, try to avoid parking under trees it' 's obvious I know, but so effective, hope this has been of some help, regards karl.

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