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Expensive or economy wash wax ?

This can be quite a controversial subject when it comes to the car valeters choice of product to use when cleaning cars, do you spend out on an expensive wash wax product? or do you go for the cheaper option? is the expensive option a better quality? or is the economy brand just as effective? well as I said this can be quite a debatable subject however I am going to give you my opinion on the matter. why my opinion? well am sure you would agree that when you are about to purchase a certain product, you would like to know whether it is worth spending a little bit more on or not, so who better to ask about that product than somebody who uses it all the time. Well, as a mobile car valeting service I have been using different wash wax products for over 18 years, I have tried economy brands and expensive brands. as I am sure most mobile car valeters or car valeting companies have tried both as well, although most tend to buy larger quantity's of a product with a view to saving on the cost, plus as we use quite a lot more of the product than the average car owner it saves having to repurchase it continually so we save time as well, so what is the verdict I hear you say? expensive or economy, well car valeting is our job and most of us do it well, so we can make the cars we clean look just as good with an economy brand, I, have heard of some even using washing up liquid, however, I must warn you that Household detergents- and dishwashing soaps are designed to work in hot water to cut through grease. They can strip away wax, leaving your paint unprotected. now back to the economy and expensive brands. There are differences between the two wash wax products, some help with the ease of washing the car, some help with the drying of the car, and some tend to have a longer-lasting effect whatever effect as regards keeping a lasting shine, and some help with the ease of the next time you wash your car, some products do however have more waxing agents and oils in than others, the difficult part is trying to find out exactly what ingredients are in a particular brand that you are wanting to buy because most companies who make and supply the products do not like giving away what they put in them, so it really is trial and error. I always say use what ever works best for you, you will find that most products with the most wax intend to be less soapy. Turtle wax does a nanotech range that works quite well as they have nano-sized particles that work at a molecular level, bonding tighter for a smother more glossy finish, turtle wax also use sell a wash wax called extreme rapid dry, which also had nanotech ingredients, it was one I always used, but they don`t seem to sell it anymore, it was about £18 for five liters, now I use two products, a cheap one and an expensive one, why do I use both? well all car valeters use different methods for washing cars, personally i always wash the bottom half of the car first as it is usually the dirtiest part of a car, so the bottom half of the door and around the car, the arches, bumpers, and so on, then the wheels, this first part of the wash i use the cheaper wash wax, then i rinse the bottom half of the car, then i use the expensive wash wax and i wash the whole car in it including the bottom half of the car again, the cheaper wash wax is a lot more soapy so its great for the bottom half of the car, the expensive one that i use gives, not just in my opinion but also my clients opinion, a great finish to the wash, it costs me £10 for a litre of the wash wax that i finish the car with, and it just seams to leave that polished look to the finish, and all my clients say the same, so in my opinion you can benefit from using both economy and expensive products, so give it a try, wash the bottom half/ the dirtiest part of your car with cheap wash wax, rinse off then use a good quality product for that finished shine. To experience the motashine look of your car, pick a car valet service from my site and give me a call, I will also show you what II use. As i have said this is my opinion as regards products and the method of car washing gained on the 18 years experience that I have. I hope this has been of some benefit to all who read it. regards karl.

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