full exterior decontamination removal process

  1. Exterior pressure washed to remove any loose dirt. 

  2. Tar remover applied to the bottom half of the car, then wiped off.

  3. The bottom half of the car washed to remove the heaviest of dirt, then rinsed.

  4. Wheels and tires cleaned and rinsed.

  5. Full exterior then washed with wash wax car soap and rinsed.

  6. Clay bar applied to remove any decontamination still left on any part of the car.

  7. Exterior pressure washed again then dried.

  8. Full exterior compound to remove any swirl marks in the topcoat. then buffed.

  9. Full exterior resin polish and buffed.

  10. Exterior washed again with water to remove any compound or polish residue  

  11. Then a wax application to seal all that hard work.

  12. Windows buffed to a shine

  13. Tires dressed.

  1. This process can take up to 4 hours sometimes longer depending on condition of the vehicle.

  2. cars £2OO

  3. larger vehicles £22O 

If your vehicle is not in need of the compounding process, cars £1OO, larger vehicles £12O.